MWD by Brian JohnsonMWD: Hell is Coming Home

A searing and honest portrait of reentry to civilian life after war, and a touching exploration of the bond between dog and human.

Liz served in Iraq with her trusty military working dog, Ender, by her side. But now that her tour is over, she has to readjust to life in her small New Hampshire town. Despite being surrounded by people she’s known her whole life, Liz feels entirely alone and soon gets trapped in a downward spiral of flashbacks and blackout drinking. Things seem destined for a bad end, but when Liz’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Ben, almost hits a stray dog while she is in the car, things start to change. Brutus might just be the only thing that can bring her back from the brink. For ages 14 and up.

By Brian David Johnson and Jan Egleson. Illustrated by Laila Milevski and Karl Stevens. Published by Candlewick Press.


Praise for MWD

“In their first book for teens, Johnson and Egleson craft a powerful, unflinching narrative that tackles a variety of issues connected to the impact of war, including PTSD, sexual coercion, finding new meaning in one’s life, and the well-meaning but unhelpful efforts of those who remained behind….Tense pacing and the speed of Liz’s unraveling will hold readers’ focus in a sharp-edged portrait of a soldier’s struggle to re-acclimate to the civilian world.”
Publishers Weekly 


MWD: Hell Is Coming Home was awarded The Kirkus Star.
“A gritty, hard-hitting, and honest portrayal of one young woman’s difficult journey to putting the pieces of her life back together after serving in the Iraq War…A nuanced and skillfully composed snapshot of one woman’s postwar struggle to live.”
Kirkus Reviews