More great reviews for MWD!

My first writing gig was for an indie rock publication called Lollipop Magazine, which publishers-weeklycovered the alternative scene in Boston in the 90’s.

My brother, Eric, an artist and video game enthusiast, was doing work for the magazine so he hooked my up with the editor, who promptly gave me some video games to review. Being an aspiring writer, I needed any published clips I could get,  so I eagerly took the gig, even though I have zero interest in video games and my computer at the time could barely handle the load of these games I was given to review. It tuns out that reviewing video games can be pretty taxing if you, you know, can’t actually get the games to work.

However, I also wasn’t about to give back the gig, or the $30 per article fee I was promised. So, I soldiered on, determined to complete my first assignment and turned in three reviews on games that I NEVER PLAYED. Years later, this quaint origin story scares me a little bit, as I have to rely on the honesty and ethics of book reviewers to actually read my book and, hopefully, give it a good a constructive review.

I’m thrilled to say that karma hasn’t kicked my ass on this, as recently we received word that Publishers Weekly, the gold standard of reviewers, had given MWD a glowing review.

This is good news my reader(s), positive reviews both revive the soul and help lend credibility to the endeavor. And, as my former professor and best selling author, Mitch Zuckoff tells me, the first rule of reviews is that “only the raves are right.”

You can find the review here.

And, to anyone I unintentionally misled into buying a CD Rom version of Extreme Rodeo in 1999, I’m so sorry.

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